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Friday, April 1, 2011

Connect With Over 40,000 Validated Tradeloop Users Worldwide

We're celebrating a milestone this week at Tradeloop: our Customer Support staff validated the account application of our 40,000th Tradeloop user! That's 40,000 potential buyers and sellers you can contact with confidence. This is no small task. Our account screening protocols are so rigorous that Tradeloop staff requests additional information on 75% of applications.

Account validation is our first-line defense in combating fraud. Other anti-fraud systems are initiated by the Tradeloop community:
  • Flag Member Account: Alert us to Tradeloop users that you think need extra scrutiny
  • Fast Track Fraud Alerts: Ask the Ethics Committee to send a warning to the community about fraud.
  • Ethics Process: Resolve business disputes with other dealers. Our emphasis is on amicable resolution of disputes, but the Ethics Committee can - and will - ban dealers for non-participation in the process or unethical business conduct.
Even our Connections system - Tradeloop's internal social networking tool - provides an added layer of protection. Make Connections with other dealers and create your own trusted network within Tradeloop. Use new Broadcast options to buy and sell with just your trusted network.

Connecting with other Tradeloop dealers is easy. Just click on the "Network Connections" link under the My Account tab at the Tradeloop Web site. There are 40,000 validated users waiting to hear from you!

Search the dealer directory and start making Connections.

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