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Friday, January 29, 2010

Evertek Computer Corporation: An "Extreme Value" Corporation With Low Prices & High Quality Service

Founded in 1990 as a computer and peripheral equipment trading company, Evertek Computer Corporation has grown into one of the world's largest wholesalers of computer and consumer electronics equipment. Evertek's broad product line attracts a loyal, worldwide customer base of wholesalers looking for bargain prices on everything from netbook computers to motherboards to power tools.

Peter Green, Evertek's Director of Marketing, attributes much of the company's steady growth and success to its commitment to low prices. "Our motto is to buy low and sell low," he explained. Evertek is very cost conscious and focuses on keeping supplier costs under control so savings can be passed along to customers. "We want to make a decent profit margin," Green said, "and we want our customers to stay in business too."

But Evertek's customers aren't just looking for low prices. They appreciate the company's large inventory and reliable shipping department, Green added. "We know our customers are counting on us to deliver in a timely manner." Evertek maintains two large warehouses that stock 99% of its products and offers same-day shipment on orders placed by 2pm.

Green pointed out that maintaining a diverse inventory valued at over $11 million can be a challenge. With such low prices, Evertek's profit margin comes from a high sales volume – as well as reliable sources of products. The company's Tradeloop membership helps Evertek locate both buyers and sellers.
"Tradeloop gives us a fantastic return for the money invested and is a consistent winner in our eyes. Our average sale on Tradeloop is much higher than to standard customers. We get good response when we list our inventory. It drives leads to our sales department and helps turn those leads into customers."
Evertek has customers in over 200 countries, so Tradeloop's international membership is an added benefit. International sales at Evertek generate about 30% of the company's revenue. That volume "gives us real strength in international shipments, the documentation, customs declarations, and other paperwork involved. We have great, experienced logistics people," said Green.

A broad customer base has helped Evertek prosper in a difficult economy that's experiencing downward pressure on commodities like computer hardware at the wholesale and manufacturing level, he explained.
"With lower prices, we're able to purchase a greater depth and breadth of inventory and pass the savings along to customers. This has been our core competency for the past 20 years. We know we won't be the only source for our customers, but we'll be the source for their most profitable products."
Evertek's sales team places a priority on building customer relationships through personal service and product knowledge. Sales people build positive, lasting relationships with customers – some of whom have dealt with the company since its founding 20 years ago. That level of loyalty doesn't surprise Green. He credits Evertek's pricing, customer service, and business model:
"Evertek is an extreme value corporation. We're a price point company and constantly watching the market for the best deals. Every action we take is to reduce our cost and provide our customers with maximum value. We want to help our customers succeed because if they don't prosper, neither do we!"

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Who's Who on Tradeloop? Check Out The New User & Company Profile Pages

Tradeloop's Dealer Directory is an indispensable tool when you're looking for a reseller in a particular geographic area or one who specializes in certain products or manufacturers. And now we've made it even better. Our redesigned company profile and member profile pages prominently display the important information you need to make business decisions:
  • Is the company a Tradeloop member?
  • For how long?
  • Are there any pending Ethics complaints?
  • What do they sell?
  • How do I contact them?
Learn all that - and more - in our new easy-to-read format.

The most important change is in how we identify Tradeloop members. Look for these notations under the company and contact names:

The "System Stats" section shows when the Tradeloop member or user joined/registered at Tradeloop. Members are identified with their "Member Since" date and we display the "Join Date" of registered users.

The User and Company Profile pages contain even more information that's useful to your fellow Tradeloop members. Many prefer to arrange deals only with other members, while others check to see if any Ethics Complaints have been filed before agreeing to a contract.

We know that privacy and security is also a big concern for all Tradeloop members, so we let you choose how much information to display to other members and to public users. Use the options on your Privacy Settings page to:
  • Display or hide your email address from other Tradeloop members.
  • Display or hide your company profile from public users and search engines.
  • Display your photo to Tradeloop members or public users.
As always, we strongly encourage all members to create a complete company profile. It's a feature that increases your credibility and visibility to other Tradeloop members and is also an excellent technique for increasing your search engine visibility.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better Results & Sales Leads From Search Queries & Reports

We've added a new filter option to the "Recent Searches" and "Top Searches" results pages that increases the relevance of the results display. It also generates better search reports for sellers. This should make it even easier for searchers to find the parts they need and give sellers more useful, targeted sales leads.

Previously, if someone searched on a generic term like "duo," the query returned thousands of results. No doubt, the exact part the searcher needed was in that list, but who had the time to comb through the results to find it? Sellers faced a similar problem when looking at search reports. It was time-consuming to decide what was a good sales lead and what wasn't.

The new search query filters out any match that returns "excessive" results - approximately 200 or more. That means the searcher might review several dozen results that are relevant instead of several hundred that aren't. And a seller who receives "Saved Search" alerts will also receive more consistent and useful reports.

Of course, you may prefer to view all the results. We give you that option on both the "Top Searches" and "Recent Searches" reports. It's an option titled "Hide Excessive Results" and displays just above the search results. The default is set to "Yes," but you can see all results by clicking on the down arrow to the right and selecting "No."

In this screen shot, the new option is underlined in red:

This new option, combined with the other filter options, should help you quickly determine the demand for parts. That helps sellers price parts appropriately and locate buyers more easily. Other filter options include:
  • Filter by Top Searches or Recent Searches.
  • Search All Tradeloop, your company's parts, or just your own inventory list
  • View searches by Everyone, End Users only, Public users only, Dealers only, or both Dealers and End Users.
  • Filter by time period ranging from 1 hour to the past 30 days.
Tradeloop is a valuable business tool because it helps match buyers and sellers and our new search filters help streamline the matchmaking task. They save you time and help you connect with buyers who are searching for your products.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ethically Speaking - January 2010

December was a relatively quiet month for Ethics complaints. Two cases were closed with no action taken and one case was referred to the Ethics Committee for a vote.

The case in committee is unusual in that it involves two Tradeloop members. The complainant alleges that the defendant did not fulfill the terms of the purchase agreement and failed to make a full refund. The Ethics Committee is reviewing and discussing the case.

You can learn more about how the Ethics process works or review details of closed cases at Tradeloop's Ethics area. Our unique blog format makes the process as interactive and transparent as possible - while still maintaining the privacy of those involved in pending cases.

The blog format allows Tradeloop members to read posted case details as presented by the complainant and defendant. You can also review the Ethics Committee discussions and votes. There's even a tab for Members to add their comments and opinions.

Since implementing the Ethics blog in June 2008, we've found that many disputes are resolved by the parties involved - often without the intervention of the Ethics Committee. The blog make communication easier and that helps resolve disputes amicably.

This is part of our commitment to keeping Tradeloop a safe place to do business as well as maintaining a cohesive trading community built on communication and professional behavior.