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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Add Tradeloop's Ethics Seal To Your Web Site

Improve conversions on your own Web site by displaying the Tradeloop Ethics Seal. The Ethics Seal reassures customers that your business is a reputable, professional company that adheres to a strict code of ethics. There's no extra charge: it's part of your Tradeloop membership.

Consumer surveys have shown that third-party certifications on Web sites help improve conversions by increasing customer confidence about the safety of the online transaction. When a customer at your site clicks on the Ethics Seal link, they're taken to a custom verification page that's unique to your company. It identifies your company as a Tradeloop member, describes our member validation process, and outlines membership requirements.

Ethics Seal images are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Here are a few examples:

Learn more about Tradeloop's Ethics seal program.
Sign up now and begin displaying the Ethics Seal on your site in two minutes or less.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Custom Broadcast Signature Bug Is Fixed!

Several Tradeloop members recently reported a bug in our custom Broadcast signature feature. Members said they could create a custom Broadcast signature, save it, and send a Broadcast with no problem. But when they re-visited the Broadcast page, the custom signature content was gone.

Our intrepid technical staff tracked down the bug and quickly fixed the problem.

Remember that a custom signature is a great way to personalize your Broadcast messages and publicize your company. It takes just a few minutes to create a signature message that encourages communication and promotes your company's products and services.

Many thanks to those members who noticed the bug and took the time to contact us about it. We encourage members to contact Tradeloop with their questions, comments, or suggestions for making our service even better.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Standard Search Boxes Make It Easier to Search for Dealers, Parts, & More

We've created a unified theme for the search boxes on the Tradeloop Web site. Now, search boxes on the home page, Broadcast page, Trading Floor, and Dealer Directory are all located in the same place with the same layout.

Previously, all these pages used search boxes, but the boxes were displayed in different places on the page and presented in a variety of shapes and sizes. We know that our members need the ability to search for a particular part number or dealer. But few want to spend time searching the page just to find the search box!

The search box is now located directly under the main menu. Here's how it looks on the Tradeloop home page:

In addition to the basic search function, we've previously implemented a number of other search tools to help you quickly find the products you're interested in and/or determine who's buying or selling them.
The new, unified search theme makes the search process quicker and easier, while Tradeloop's other search options help you monitor the market, set pricing, and quickly locate hard to find items.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Notebooks/Laptops Specialty Category Added to Dealer Directory

We've made it easier for Tradeloop customers to identify dealers who specialize in notebooks and laptops. You can search directly from the Dealer Directory page for dealers who offer these popular items and who list those specialties in their company profile information.

This new option is listed under the "Browse by Specialty" category and highlighted in red in the image below (but not on the Web site!).

If you're a dealer in that specialty, be sure to add it to your company profile. Here's how:
This addition is in response to requests from Tradeloop members. In fact, our membership is our best source of ideas for new options and upgrades. Would you like to see a new feature, report, or even search option at Tradeloop? Contact us with your request!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Inventory Search Report Receives Rave Reviews From Tradeloop Members

Tradeloop's Inventory Match email report has a new layout. We changed it to a simpler, text version that lists individual searches in a simple, easy-to-read format. The slimmed-down report also displays more easily on hand-held devices.

The Inventory Match report option alerts you when a buyer searches on items in your inventory list. It's a good way to connect with potential buyers and identify your most "in demand" items. You decide how often to receive the report: hourly, every 3 hours, or daily.

When we launched the new format a few weeks ago, we asked for member feedback and it was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to those Tradeloop members who responded with compliments and suggestions!

Remember that you also have the option to have receive many different email reports - and have control over how frequently they receive them. Other available email reports include:
  • Manage Your Broadcasts: Customize which Broadcasts you receive, choose real time or digest modes, set vacation mode, set spam filters, and more.
  • Parts Search Report: View what people are searching for on Tradeloop. Also, view what searches match your inventory.
  • Saved Search Alerts: Tradeloop will alert you by email when a seller lists an item you are looking for.
  • End User Impressions and Clicks: A report detailing clicks and impressions of the inventory you display to the Public.
Just go to your Tradeloop account's Email Center to review your options and request reports.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ethically Speaking - February 2010

Last month, non-Tradeloop member company, TBF Computing, was banned from Tradeloop (case #5055) in a case where the complainant alleged that the defendant had short-shipped an order, shipped poor quality product, and failed to process a refund. Both parties involved made extensive use of our Ethics blog format to discuss and attempt to resolve the complaint.

We also issued one Fast Track Fraud Alert (case #5059) last month after a Tradeloop member alerted us that a third party was using his name and company name. The Ethics Committee also investigated another cause of identity theft (case #5058) and sent an alert to the community.

Two identity theft cases in a single month is unusual and we urge members to be alert to warning signs when negotiating deals. Visit the company's CompanyProfile page to verify information before agreeing to a contract.
  • Email Address & Company Web site address: In one case, the company had a ".com" domain, but the identity thief was using an email address with the same company name, but with the ".net" domain extension.
  • Company Address: In the second case, the identity thief asked that shipments be sent to a different address than the company address.
  • Payment Options: Many members use wire transfers for payment, but check to make sure you're being asked to transfer funds to a verifiable bank account - not an untraceable store front wire transfer service.
  • Tradeloop Membership: Member companies have to pass our rigorous new member screening process and existing members are subject to routine verification of their account information.
Also in January, one new Ethics Complaint was filed regarding a dispute between two Tradeloop members. The Ethics Committee is gathering information and reviewing the facts of the case.

Learn more about Fast Track Fraud Alerts and how the Ethics Process works at the Ethics area of the Tradeloop Web site.