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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Standard Search Boxes Make It Easier to Search for Dealers, Parts, & More

We've created a unified theme for the search boxes on the Tradeloop Web site. Now, search boxes on the home page, Broadcast page, Trading Floor, and Dealer Directory are all located in the same place with the same layout.

Previously, all these pages used search boxes, but the boxes were displayed in different places on the page and presented in a variety of shapes and sizes. We know that our members need the ability to search for a particular part number or dealer. But few want to spend time searching the page just to find the search box!

The search box is now located directly under the main menu. Here's how it looks on the Tradeloop home page:

In addition to the basic search function, we've previously implemented a number of other search tools to help you quickly find the products you're interested in and/or determine who's buying or selling them.
The new, unified search theme makes the search process quicker and easier, while Tradeloop's other search options help you monitor the market, set pricing, and quickly locate hard to find items.

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