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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Network Technology Suppliers: Networking Solutions For Asia & The World

Network Technology Suppliers is one of the largest suppliers of networking solutions in Asia. Founded in 2002, the company grew rapidly and now specializes in pre-owned and refurbished Cisco, HP, Foundry, Nortel, Extreme, Huawei and other manufacturers. Network Technology Suppliers offers quality products at competitive prices to customers worldwide.

International Sales Manager, Daniel Xavier, works with his sales team to develop strategies to meet the company's long and short term goals. Network Technology Suppliers will soon celebrate its 5th year anniversary at Tradeloop and Xavier explained how membership helps his team:
"Tradeloop helps us identify the regions where we can improve our services. We use it to help locating new sales leads and products. "
Tradeloop's international membership meshes with Network Technology Suppliers' business model, he noted. The company's success depends on locating quality products, reliable customers, and offering competitive pricing:
"Our customer base is world wide. Having offices in different parts of the world we are able to touch base with resellers in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East & Sub Continent. The current market is very competitive with more vendors coming out of Asian region and that puts pressure on prices. Buyers have many choices and expect the best & lowest price."
But even as customers expect lower prices, they also require high quality products. Xavier said this is where Network Technology Suppliers stands out:
"The industry is huge that the key to so staying in top is to provide quality product and best after sales service. That's our commitment to our customers. We provide quality IT solutions that enable our clients to build up and maintain cost effective infrastructure."
Customers also expect prompt response when they need networking equipment, since operations grind to a halt when the IT system is down. Xavier noted that his customers rarely have to wait long in such situations:
"We are a major Cisco house and deal in most of the new retail Cisco equipment. Our large inventory gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us provide a quick service to our customers - for which most of the retailers and end users have to wait for weeks."
Network Technology Suppliers' knowledgeable, multi-lingual sales force with technical expertise and its large, ready-to-ship inventory helps the company keep its promise to customers, said Xavier:
"We provide quality products at extremely competitive prices and offer 24/7 customer & sales support. We deliver to any part of the world."
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

InStock Inc. – Data Protection, Storage, and Back-up

Is your company prepared for a disaster? Since 1997, Arizona-based InStock, Inc. has provided national and international customers with tape and disk storage. The company buys and sells new, used, and refurbished storage equipment from StorageTek, Quantum, Overland, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sun Spectra Logic, and IBM.

With that many product lines – and customers who depend on quick response, InStock maintains a 10,000 square foot warehouse with over 50,000 items in stock and ready to ship. Sales Manager, Tonny Gustafsson, relies on this inventory to support his customers' needs:
"We assist our customers in getting the right tape library, drive, or part to keep their data back-up systems performing well. Since we have inventory on hand, we can deliver it fast and help them avoid data loss or downtime."
A Tradeloop member since 1998, InStock has found the trading community to be an excellent place to advertise products and attract new, qualified customers:
"Tradeloop helps us by keeping our current customers aware of our inventory stocking levels and by helping new customers find us."
Gustafsson is just as complimentary about InStock's customers, calling them "a great mix at all levels." InStock works with companies of all sizes, government entities, service & maintenance companies, and nonprofits. Staff members average 25 years' of technical experience: they work with customers to help them select the correct products and ensure accurate configurations.

Most customers are repeat customers and Gustafsson attributes this to InStock's staff knowledge, inventory, and customer support structure:
"In the tape and disk storage world, it's all about having what customers need when they need it. We strategically purchase equipment from across the globe to ensure that our inventory levels meet or exceed their demand. All our equipment is tested by factory-trained technicians and ready to ship when customers need it."
Inventory and expertise are InStock's major attributes Gustafsson explained:
"When our customers have an urgent need or unique need for tape or disk inventory, they're confident that we will have it – ready to ship the same day if needed. Our sales and technical staff have been trained by the industry's leading manufacturers. They bring that knowledge to every item to every item InStock ships."
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moorgate Consulting: "Every Type of Electronics Imaginable"

Moorgate Consulting is a UK company based in London that provides a wide range of electronics. Refurbished servers, spare parts, video editing equipment, and even dentist chairs have been part of the company's inventory.

Russell Jackson founded the company ten years ago and it grew quickly, he said.
"I now employ ten full-time staffers. And we sell a broad range of products – pretty much every type of electronics imaginable for the use of small to large companies. We even sell the very unusual specialty pieces that are not IT or electronics. That's how we got the dentist chairs. That's a fairly small market, but every dentist in the world needs a chair!"
Moorgate Consulting is a "hands-on" company, Jackson continued. He approves many purchases himself and works with staffers to determine the quality of used equipment. "A lot of work goes into the catalog the condition and functionality of items." They put the same care into packing and shipping. "We treat packaging like an art, no matter how good the item, if it gets bashed in transit no one is happy."

But first, the company has to find equipment to sell. Fortunately, Jackson said, Moorgate Consulting generally has an easy time of it because "there is a plentiful supply of good quality product out there and that's what we're interested in." As a member of Tradeloop for the past 10 years, he uses Tradeloop to expand his customer base:
"Tradeloop provides Moorgate Consulting with a lot of potential buyers. It is safe, efficient and straightforward. It does exactly what it says on the tin."
The company's business model works because it builds customer trust, Jackson explained:
"We reject a fair amount of product if it fails to meet our exacting standards. If something is perfectly functional but has a dink, scratch, or missing part you must inform the client. They should be allowed to make an informed choice about their purchase. Clients will never trust you again if you treat them with less than 100% respect."
Moorgate Consulting's customer base is as varied as its inventory listings. It works with small businesses, large corporations both domestically and internationally and devotes a good deal of staff time to customer service and support, Jackson noted. "We believe it is important that the client gets clear, honest information about their purchase."

Excellent customer communication and support is a main component of the company's success, said Jackson. But the company's large, varied inventory is another:
"Our range of product is enormous and varied. It changes almost every week or so. I think potential clients find that attractive. It keeps us on our toes and keeps our clients coming back to browse the latest arrivals."
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tradeloop's End User Program Is Now Free

Say goodbye to pay-per-click charges and hello to end users. Tradeloop's End User program is now free and you can start selling to end users at retail prices. We've made the End User program absolutely free: no set up fees and no PPC charges. Learn how to add retail markup to your wholesale prices!

This program is an easy, cost-effective way to expand your customer base to retail consumers without eroding the value of the wholesale market. Retail customers can't access wholesale pricing information: they can only see retail prices. Program features include:
  • Robust reporting features that let you keep track of who's searching and what parts get the highest traffic.
  • Pricing flexibility. Set an overall percentage markup for all your items or price them individually. Note: retail prices must be prices at least 5% higher than the wholesale price you list at Tradeloop.
  • Stock & price guarantees that protect both buyer and seller. You'll need to have a posted returns policy, accurately describe the product, and have it in ready to ship (unless you clearly indicate otherwise).
Tradeloop's End User program is a cost-effective way to expand your customer base to retail customers without eroding the value of the wholesale market. Sign-up is easy and it's free to participate, so what are you waiting for?

Start selling to retail customers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tradeloop Users Help Stop Fraud With "Account Flag" Feature

Tradeloop's new "Account Flag" security feature is barely a month old, but is already a success. Tradeloop users have flagged 12 accounts so far for review. A third of those accounts appeared to have real ethics-type issues that required additional investigation. The others were more routine reference checks, address corrections, and similar issues.

To flag an account, look for the link that's included on all company and individual user profiles. Click on the link and enter your concerns in the textbox.

This feature isn't a substitute for the Ethics Process. Instead, it's a way to alert Tradeloop to accounts that you think need extra scrutiny. Our Customer Support staff and Membership Committee will review the account and may request more information from the dealer after an account is flagged.

Thanks to all the Tradeloop users who have taken the time to share their concerns and help keep the trading community a safe place to do business.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Connect With Over 40,000 Validated Tradeloop Users Worldwide

We're celebrating a milestone this week at Tradeloop: our Customer Support staff validated the account application of our 40,000th Tradeloop user! That's 40,000 potential buyers and sellers you can contact with confidence. This is no small task. Our account screening protocols are so rigorous that Tradeloop staff requests additional information on 75% of applications.

Account validation is our first-line defense in combating fraud. Other anti-fraud systems are initiated by the Tradeloop community:
  • Flag Member Account: Alert us to Tradeloop users that you think need extra scrutiny
  • Fast Track Fraud Alerts: Ask the Ethics Committee to send a warning to the community about fraud.
  • Ethics Process: Resolve business disputes with other dealers. Our emphasis is on amicable resolution of disputes, but the Ethics Committee can - and will - ban dealers for non-participation in the process or unethical business conduct.
Even our Connections system - Tradeloop's internal social networking tool - provides an added layer of protection. Make Connections with other dealers and create your own trusted network within Tradeloop. Use new Broadcast options to buy and sell with just your trusted network.

Connecting with other Tradeloop dealers is easy. Just click on the "Network Connections" link under the My Account tab at the Tradeloop Web site. There are 40,000 validated users waiting to hear from you!

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