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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buy & Sell With Just Your Trusted Network

Tradeloop's "Send a Broadcast" page is now easier to use. In response to member suggestions, we modified the page layout slightly to help you select your "Send" options.

When creating a Broadcast, you can either send it to particular subscriber lists or create your own private Broadcasts for members of your Network only. Select either option by clicking on the appropriate radio button:

When you select the "Send to My Network only" option, the keyword checkboxes disappear. That eliminates confusion about whether you need to select both "My Network" and further narrow the recipients by keyword. Here's how the page section looks when you select the "My Network" option:

If you decide to send your Broadcast to particular keyword lists instead, just select that radio button and the checkboxes reappear.

Do you have any comments or suggestions about this Tradeloop feature - or any other features? Share them with us and other members here at the blog.

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