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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parallel Technology: Providing Solutions and Making It Happen

Founded in 1998, Parallel Technology quickly became a leading supplier of new, used, and refurbished Sun equipment. The company is small – less than a dozen employees – and that's intentional. Parallel's business model can best be described as "lean and tight" and focused on the Sun market.

Company president, Ken Bush, stressed that during an interview with Tradeloop.
"We've found our niche and it works. If you need a part the next day and call our competitors at 3:30pm, there's a chance that the deal will get caught up in bureaucracy and a drawn-out approval process. That doesn't happen at Parallel. The person you talk with has the authority to make the deal and get your product shipped."
That's a critical service for Parallel's main customer base: maintenance companies that require 24/7, 365-day access to replacement inventory. The company's location in Torrance, CA, just a few minutes from the Los Angeles airport allows Parallel to easily accommodate emergency shipments. There are also regional stocking locations in Minnesota, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

The company maintains a sizable inventory that includes parts specially requested by customers. Finding inventory isn't a problem, Bush said: "With the economy and recession, there's a lot of equipment out there and I can be selective and buy high quality product." Parallel takes quality seriously: its testing protocol includes a full load and overnight test on systems. Customers can request additional testing as well as changes to the standard 90-day warranty. The company's customer-driven focus allows Parallel to tailor a contract to meet individual customer requirements.

Parallel Technology's flexibility and responsiveness keeps customers loyal, Bush explained. "80% of customers have been with us from day one." But of course, new customers are always welcome and Parallel finds many of them at Tradeloop.
"Our customer base is Tradeloop's membership. That's the biggest plus for us because there's a lot of common ground. 98% of our market is wholesale dealer-to-dealer trading worldwide. That's who we connect with at Tradeloop."
Parallel's focus on Sun is an advantage in the industry, he added. "We're the Sun experts and that puts us a step ahead. Even our competitors' tech support staff call us when they get stuck."

Responsiveness and product knowledge is important in the wholesale industry and that's the basis of Parallel's business model.
"We stand behind our products, we test our products, and we have what we say we have. Our sales people are the decision makers in the company and customers don't have to wait for us to ask permission to set up a deal. We don't compete with each other: we're a team. We work fast and we get things done."
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