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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moorgate Consulting: "Every Type of Electronics Imaginable"

Moorgate Consulting is a UK company based in London that provides a wide range of electronics. Refurbished servers, spare parts, video editing equipment, and even dentist chairs have been part of the company's inventory.

Russell Jackson founded the company ten years ago and it grew quickly, he said.
"I now employ ten full-time staffers. And we sell a broad range of products – pretty much every type of electronics imaginable for the use of small to large companies. We even sell the very unusual specialty pieces that are not IT or electronics. That's how we got the dentist chairs. That's a fairly small market, but every dentist in the world needs a chair!"
Moorgate Consulting is a "hands-on" company, Jackson continued. He approves many purchases himself and works with staffers to determine the quality of used equipment. "A lot of work goes into the catalog the condition and functionality of items." They put the same care into packing and shipping. "We treat packaging like an art, no matter how good the item, if it gets bashed in transit no one is happy."

But first, the company has to find equipment to sell. Fortunately, Jackson said, Moorgate Consulting generally has an easy time of it because "there is a plentiful supply of good quality product out there and that's what we're interested in." As a member of Tradeloop for the past 10 years, he uses Tradeloop to expand his customer base:
"Tradeloop provides Moorgate Consulting with a lot of potential buyers. It is safe, efficient and straightforward. It does exactly what it says on the tin."
The company's business model works because it builds customer trust, Jackson explained:
"We reject a fair amount of product if it fails to meet our exacting standards. If something is perfectly functional but has a dink, scratch, or missing part you must inform the client. They should be allowed to make an informed choice about their purchase. Clients will never trust you again if you treat them with less than 100% respect."
Moorgate Consulting's customer base is as varied as its inventory listings. It works with small businesses, large corporations both domestically and internationally and devotes a good deal of staff time to customer service and support, Jackson noted. "We believe it is important that the client gets clear, honest information about their purchase."

Excellent customer communication and support is a main component of the company's success, said Jackson. But the company's large, varied inventory is another:
"Our range of product is enormous and varied. It changes almost every week or so. I think potential clients find that attractive. It keeps us on our toes and keeps our clients coming back to browse the latest arrivals."
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