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Friday, January 29, 2010

Evertek Computer Corporation: An "Extreme Value" Corporation With Low Prices & High Quality Service

Founded in 1990 as a computer and peripheral equipment trading company, Evertek Computer Corporation has grown into one of the world's largest wholesalers of computer and consumer electronics equipment. Evertek's broad product line attracts a loyal, worldwide customer base of wholesalers looking for bargain prices on everything from netbook computers to motherboards to power tools.

Peter Green, Evertek's Director of Marketing, attributes much of the company's steady growth and success to its commitment to low prices. "Our motto is to buy low and sell low," he explained. Evertek is very cost conscious and focuses on keeping supplier costs under control so savings can be passed along to customers. "We want to make a decent profit margin," Green said, "and we want our customers to stay in business too."

But Evertek's customers aren't just looking for low prices. They appreciate the company's large inventory and reliable shipping department, Green added. "We know our customers are counting on us to deliver in a timely manner." Evertek maintains two large warehouses that stock 99% of its products and offers same-day shipment on orders placed by 2pm.

Green pointed out that maintaining a diverse inventory valued at over $11 million can be a challenge. With such low prices, Evertek's profit margin comes from a high sales volume – as well as reliable sources of products. The company's Tradeloop membership helps Evertek locate both buyers and sellers.
"Tradeloop gives us a fantastic return for the money invested and is a consistent winner in our eyes. Our average sale on Tradeloop is much higher than to standard customers. We get good response when we list our inventory. It drives leads to our sales department and helps turn those leads into customers."
Evertek has customers in over 200 countries, so Tradeloop's international membership is an added benefit. International sales at Evertek generate about 30% of the company's revenue. That volume "gives us real strength in international shipments, the documentation, customs declarations, and other paperwork involved. We have great, experienced logistics people," said Green.

A broad customer base has helped Evertek prosper in a difficult economy that's experiencing downward pressure on commodities like computer hardware at the wholesale and manufacturing level, he explained.
"With lower prices, we're able to purchase a greater depth and breadth of inventory and pass the savings along to customers. This has been our core competency for the past 20 years. We know we won't be the only source for our customers, but we'll be the source for their most profitable products."
Evertek's sales team places a priority on building customer relationships through personal service and product knowledge. Sales people build positive, lasting relationships with customers – some of whom have dealt with the company since its founding 20 years ago. That level of loyalty doesn't surprise Green. He credits Evertek's pricing, customer service, and business model:
"Evertek is an extreme value corporation. We're a price point company and constantly watching the market for the best deals. Every action we take is to reduce our cost and provide our customers with maximum value. We want to help our customers succeed because if they don't prosper, neither do we!"

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