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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better Results & Sales Leads From Search Queries & Reports

We've added a new filter option to the "Recent Searches" and "Top Searches" results pages that increases the relevance of the results display. It also generates better search reports for sellers. This should make it even easier for searchers to find the parts they need and give sellers more useful, targeted sales leads.

Previously, if someone searched on a generic term like "duo," the query returned thousands of results. No doubt, the exact part the searcher needed was in that list, but who had the time to comb through the results to find it? Sellers faced a similar problem when looking at search reports. It was time-consuming to decide what was a good sales lead and what wasn't.

The new search query filters out any match that returns "excessive" results - approximately 200 or more. That means the searcher might review several dozen results that are relevant instead of several hundred that aren't. And a seller who receives "Saved Search" alerts will also receive more consistent and useful reports.

Of course, you may prefer to view all the results. We give you that option on both the "Top Searches" and "Recent Searches" reports. It's an option titled "Hide Excessive Results" and displays just above the search results. The default is set to "Yes," but you can see all results by clicking on the down arrow to the right and selecting "No."

In this screen shot, the new option is underlined in red:

This new option, combined with the other filter options, should help you quickly determine the demand for parts. That helps sellers price parts appropriately and locate buyers more easily. Other filter options include:
  • Filter by Top Searches or Recent Searches.
  • Search All Tradeloop, your company's parts, or just your own inventory list
  • View searches by Everyone, End Users only, Public users only, Dealers only, or both Dealers and End Users.
  • Filter by time period ranging from 1 hour to the past 30 days.
Tradeloop is a valuable business tool because it helps match buyers and sellers and our new search filters help streamline the matchmaking task. They save you time and help you connect with buyers who are searching for your products.

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