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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Tier Technology: Where Product Knowledge Makes The Difference

1st Tier Technology, LLC has served the international IT community for 6 years, focusing mainly on Sun/Oracle product lines. This tight focus on particular product lines gives the staff the comprehensive, hands-on knowledge and experience customers rely on.

Managing partner, Jamie Scott, founded 1st Tier Technology in 2005 with the goal of making the company a top tier organization both in product knowledge, sales, and service. Scott sets an example for the staff in that area. He told Tradeloop that he's earning an MBA in International Business and hopes to gain "a more comprehensive understanding of how to manage a business from every aspect; from the employee wants and needs, to the client's desires and ever evolving tastes and needs."

1st Tier Technology's business model has evolved as well. In 2010, the company became a stocking broker and services both wholesale and end-user customers – mainly brokers. Maintaining customer loyalty is key, Scott noted. He attributes the large number of repeat customers to the expertise that comes with product specialization:
"It gives us a more concentrated customer base and lets our staff develop expertise in the product lines our clients prefer. We also offer in-house tech/repair services for our gear should the need arise, thus cutting down time in transit so our clients are up and running faster, which is integral to their success."
While the company has succeeded in a tough market, 1st Tier Technology faces the same challenges as every other Tradeloop member. One large issue is fraud and counterfeiting in the IT industry. Although every company wants to broaden market share, all have to be careful about fraudulent buyers and sellers. "Counterfeiting crushes trust and depresses prices," Scott stressed, so finding reliable, legitimate buyers and sellers is crucial.
"We feel Tradeloop and the ethics committee has done, and continues to do, a stellar job in getting these folks off the site, essentially cutting them off at the knees."
1st Tier Technology also offers a wide range of Cisco and HP products. Its large inventory of ready-to-ship components includes memory, hard drives, and CPU components. Scott and his staff are committed to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices:
"1st Tier is a stocking broker in the Sun/Oracle, seeking to fulfill the needs of the IT community as a whole. We bring in products that we feel our clients need on the fly and do it in a professional manner consistently with a smile and can-do attitude. We aren't trying to change the game, just make it simpler and more efficient for all."
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