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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Member Discussion: Some Tradeloop Members Don't Post Prices - Why?

Only Tradeloop members can view wholesale prices and search engines don't display wholesale prices from inventory lists. Even so, some Tradeloop members are reluctant to display prices when they upload inventory. Why?

It's an important issue for many buyers. We've had a number of new Tradeloop members express their frustration about the lack of pricing. They complain that some members don't want to display their "best price," but would rather haggle via phone or email. Buyers however, prefer to know the price in advance.

We want to remind all Tradeloop members about the benefits of posting prices:
  • Better search results position. Listings that have prices displayed are always listed before parts without prices – even for Premier members.
  • More reliable price history data to help you track demand and market changes.
  • Increased sales! Buyers are more likely to contact sellers who post prices.
Remember that retail members never have access to wholesale prices, so you can post prices without eroding the value of the market.
Buyers: Would you rather call and haggle over the price or are you less likely to call those sellers?

Do you post prices? Why or why not?
Share your comments with the Tradeloop community here at the member blog.


Michael Letendre said...

We normally do not post prices because our prices will change often. Many times we refurbish parts and products and we have to take into account the cost we paid for them and how much work we have to put into them. We may pay $50 or a particular item one day, and then the next day we get them as part of a take out where we actually get paid to take them, so it is very difficult to price them and normally when a customer has a need we then can say our average cost for these was X, and price them accordingly.

Another important aspect is Qtuantity, if someone wants only a few it costs us a lot more per unit to cover the cost to process that with internal labor, packing, and admin work, however 1,000 units and that cost goes way down.

We also have product all over the country so depending on where the customer is could have some bearing on the price as well. if we have a lot of product in CA and the customer is in CA then we can do a better price then someone in Boston where we only have a smaller inventory of that product because then we have to think about how to best replenish our stock in that warehouse.

Anonymous said...

There is a distinct line between advertising a “list” for sale, or gathering “bids”. Many companies on Tradeloop consistently blast lists that they don’t have in stock. They do this as an attempt to gather new customers. An easy fix would be to limit the amount of blasts a company can make trying to sell the same product.

Anonymous said...

Pricing Posts: Another way for startup broker-only companies to take advantage of listing product they don't own. I have seen too many clients and vendors lately duped by brokers without capital or credit. Pricing and availibility is so visible, they can make it appear they have it all!

Anonymous said...


I'd like to suggest that when people post WTS on
Tradeloop, they should also post their sell prices.
This will help:

A)In fostering competition & transparency.

B)Help the customers.

Also,it would help if people post their target
prices on WTBs,but this should be voluntary.

Global IT Networks Ltd