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Friday, May 28, 2010

Use Broadcast Filters to Customize Your Tradeloop Broadcast Digest

Tradeloop members can opt to receive Broadcast emails in real time, several times per day, or daily. Now, the new Broadcast filters give you even more control over your inbox. Create personalized filters and receive just the Broadcasts you want, when you want them.

Previously, members could subscribe to particular Broadcast lists and then specify when they'd receive emails sent to the entire list. You could receive messages real-time or in digest form every few hours or daily but you still received all messages sent to that particular list. Now, you can set individual filters that are targeted to your business needs and receive only the Broadcasts you need.

For instance:
  1. You have an immediate need for 10 Compaq motherboards. Create a Broadcast filter that sends you those WTS Broadcasts in real time.
  2. You're always interested in lots of used Dell desktops to refurbish and watch the market for good deals. Create a Broadcast filter that sends you those Broadcasts every 6 hours.
  3. Your company is looking for new business contacts in Europe who buy/sell used memory. Create a Broadcast filter that watches specifically for those items in that geographic area and receive the Broadcasts on your schedule.
What do you do when you've found those 10 motherboards from example #1? Either delete the filter or make it "inactive." You can set up as many filters as you need and turn them on and off as business conditions require.

Learn more about Broadcast filters here at the blog and learn how to create them at our Broadcast Filter FAQ page.

Members: Have you tried the new Broadcast filters? Do you like the new system?

Share your comments here at the member blog.

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