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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Broadcast Messages Provide More Information in an Easy-to-Read Format

With Tradeloop's new Broadcast email format it's easier to read messages on your mobile phone, scan your email inbox for a particular sender, access the message content - and more. We launched the new email format last week and are already getting feedback from Tradeloop members.

Important changes include:
  • Mobile phone accessibility: Broadcast emails now display in full size, making them easier to read on an iPhone or other mobile device.
  • Content on top: We eliminated the administrative information at the top of the message. Now, if your email reader uses a preview pane you can see the message content right at the top.
  • Broadcast filter name displays: The filter name displays at the top of the Broadcast so you can see exactly why you're receiving a particular Broadcast - such as "WTS Dell laptops in Europe." Learn more about Broadcast filters and how to set up your own custom filters.
  • See the sender name: Previously, all Broadcasts displayed the "From" address as "" Now, you see the actual sender's email address, making it easier for you to quickly scan your inbox and search for a particular sender.
  • Subject line now says "Tradeloop," followed by the rest of the subject. That's how you know it's a Tradeloop Broadcast message.
Note that you may want to adjust the filters in your email account. Some Tradeloop members had an email filter set up based on "" that sent Broadcast messages to a special folder. Now, instead of filtering based on sender, you may want to filter messages based on the "subject" line instead.

We've received comments and feedback already from some Tradeloop members. If you haven't commented yet, let us know what you think.

What do you think? Do you like the new message format or do you prefer the old format?

Share your opinions with our staff and with other Tradeloop members here at the member blog.

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