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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tradeloop's Customer Service Staff Gets A Workout

Tradeloop Customer Service staffers slammed the door on a fraudulent trial membership application last week. After noticing some irregularities in the application, they did extra research that uncovered even more issues with the applicant.

When a prospective Tradeloop member wants to join the community, we check the basics first, including - but not limited to:
  • Is the phone number correct and in service?
  • Does the email address work and is it tied to the company URL?
  • Does the Web site list a street address and does it match the address given to us?
  • Is the credit card number valid?
There are a number of other items we check and verify, but we don't publicize those. If something looks odd, then a staffer contacts the applicant and asks for more documentation. In this particular case, Tradeloop contacted the applicant several times before rejecting the membership.

Member verification can be a time-consuming process and we take it seriously. Tradeloop's Business Development Manager, John Beanland, described the process this way:
"We go above and beyond for our customers. We have invested and continue to invest money and man hours to develop and maintain a strict validation and verification process. Using the tools we have developed and some intuition we were able to catch him and block him from the site."
Our system isn't perfect, but we work hard to keep fraudulent companies out of Tradeloop. Using the Fast Track Fraud Alert system and the Ethics Process, we can even warn the community about companies who aren't part of Tradeloop.

Thanks to our internal controls and the hard work of our Customer Service department, we're keeping Tradeloop a safe place to do business.

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