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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tradeloop's 2009 Year in Review - Top New Features & Upgrades

2010 will be a big year at Tradeloop. We're working on new features and upgrades to make your Tradeloop membership a more valuable - even indispensable! - part of your business model.

We implemented a number of new projects in 2009 as well. They help our members manage their accounts, grow their market share, and protect their privacy. Are you taking advantage of these features? They're free to every Tradeloop member!

Social Media Tools
2009 was the year that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter moved from the "teenstream" into the mainstream and became important business networking tools. We implemented some new features to make it easier for members to integrate their Tradeloop accounts with their social networks:
New Privacy and Email Management Options
Tradeloop is committed to fighting online fraud and protecting the privacy of our members' personal and business information. We understand though, that some members want to display more information to the community and gain more visibility online. So we launched some new tools to allow members topersonally control how much information is displayed about their business and even their Tradeloop searches.
  • Control email address display and more at the new Privacy Settings page. You can choose to hide your email address from other members (the public users never have access to that information). The page contains other privacy options as well, such as the option to hide your entire member profile from public users.
  • Manage emails, Broadcasts, and more at the new Email Center. We made it more convenient for members to manage emails, set email preferences, monitor search history, and see who is viewing their inventory. Do all this - and more - from a single Web page.
  • Anonymous search option protects member privacy. Many members prefer to search anonymously. It allows you to protect your competitive advantage as you research the market.
  • A Broadcast policy change helped stop list spamming. Tradeloop members can send a "regular" Broadcast to up to three lists at no charge. But any Broadcast that goes out to more than three lists is classified as a "premium" broadcast and incurs premium charges.
  • Tips to identify fraud and identity theft. Use this simple, five-step checklist before agreeing to a deal with a new buyer or seller - particularly if the company is not a Tradeloop member!
Market Research Tools
Tradeloop is more than a place to buy and sell. Our extensive data warehouse containing wholesale inventory and pricing information offers our members access to valuable market research and price history information. Monitor cyclical price fluctuations, watch for hard-to-find products, and more.
  • Customizable Search history tool. See who's searching on your inventory, the most popular searches, most recent searches, and sort results by dealers, registered end-users , or public searchers.
  • Price history charts are helpful research tools. Price history data helps traders track pricing trends and monitor price changes in the market. Use it as a handy research tool when you're trying to determine the optimum price for buying and/or selling.
  • Saved Search: let Tradeloop watch the market for you. Never miss out on a hard-to-find item again! Our new Saved Search feature automatically notifies you by email when someone uploads a part that matches your saved search.
All these features and options help you monitor the market and increase your market share. But Tradeloop offers even more benefits to members.

Simple things like writing a good company profile or adding a custom signature can increase your credibility and drive traffic to your company's Web site. We shared a number of tips that explained how your Tradeloop membership can raise your online profile and increase your search engine visibility.

2009 was a great year at Tradeloop and we're already working on features that will make 2010 even better for the Tradeloop trading community.

Happy New Year!

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