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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Broadcast Policy Change Will Help Members Manage Their Email Inboxes

Many Tradeloop members have requested changes to our Broadcast policies and procedures to help control Broadcast list spamming. Once these changes are implemented, members will be able to send a "regular" Broadcast to up to three lists at no charge. But any Broadcast that goes out to more than three lists will be classified as a "premium" broadcast and will incur premium charges.

This was actually standard Tradeloop policy until 2006, when we allowed members to send regular Broadcasts to all lists for no extra charge. It was an effort to help members who manage large, diverse parts lists distribute their Broadcasts more quickly and cost effectively. However, we've had a continuing problem with members who use it as an opportunity to spam Broadcast lists.

For instance, members on the "Printers" list - which is relatively small - complain about receiving Broadcasts for Cisco networking equipment, used laptops, memory, and other items. Their email inboxes are full of Broadcasts that have nothing at all to do with printer equipment, which wastes time when they have to sift through the clutter looking for leads.

In June, we invited Tradeloop members to an open discussion about the problem of Broadcast spamming. Members who contacted us about the issue were very supportive of the change. Our technical staffers are working on implementation and the change will be in place soon.

The new policy is easy to remember: up to three lists are free, but four or more require a premium Broadcast, which costs $1 per list per Broadcast.

This change will help the vast majority of Tradeloop members manage their email traffic and encourage every member to send Broadcasts only to relevant lists.

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