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Monday, May 4, 2009

Manage Emails, Broadcasts, and More at Our New Email Center

We've made it more convenient for members to manage emails, set email preferences, monitor search history, and see who is viewing their inventory. The new Email Center offers all these options and more in one place.

The Email Center is easy to access and navigate. Just log into your Tradeloop account and click on the "Email Center" link on your Member Home Page. It's divided into two sections: "Email Administration" and "Email Alerts and Reports."

The Email Administration section allows you to:
· Edit the email address associated with your login or add another user to your account.
· Set email opt out preferences for marketing emails, parts deletion reminders, and other options.
· Review the Tradeloop privacy policy.
· Check your bounce history. An excessive number of bounces will result in account suspension, so check to see if our system thinks your email address is bouncing.

The Email Alerts and Reports section contains these account management options:
· Manage your Broadcasts by setting filters, delivery preferences, and more.
· Saved search alerts notify you when another dealer posts a part you're searching for.
· Searches matching your inventory report alerts you when someone searches for a part in your inventory. Learn more about this market research tool.
· End user impressions and clicks is a report associated with the End User program. Track who's searching and clicking on your public items.

Many of these options have been available to members for a long time. The Email Center format just brings them together in one place, saving you time and making account administration easier.

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