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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep Your Contact Information Up To Date

Validation is the the most important part of email management and communication, and it starts with you! We can't validate your Tradeloop membership application without a valid email address. Other members can't contact you either. An invalid or non-working email address can also lead to account suspension.

We recently launched the Email and Report Center to give members a central location where they can manage emails, set email preferences, and more. Now, we've implemented more internal controls to validate email addresses when members register or create new sub accounts.

Tradeloop email error checking routines look for the following:

1. Only one email address can be entered into the email address field. We understand that many people use multiple email addresses, but each Tradeloop account and subaccount can only be associated with a single email address.

2. Emails must be in a valid format - like "" not " TL email."

3. Every subaccount must have a unique email address. Subaccount holders need this to upload parts lists and it also helps other dealers easily contact the right person in your company.

Note that none of these validation routines checks to see if the email is actually working. Our Customer Service staff does that when they validate membership applications. Tradeloop's email system also keeps track of email bounces: too many bounces may cause your account to be suspended. Bounces also look suspicious to other dealers because so many fraudulent companies use disposable or incorrect emails.

Avoid that problem by updating your Tradeloop account when you change your email address - or many any changes to your contact information.

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