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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NurTech - "Go Green and Get Some Green"

New Tradeloop member, NurTech LLC, is based in Beltsville, MD and specializes in electronic recycling, asset management, data destruction, and wholesale & retail sales. Founded six years ago as a home business, owner Nurgul Yavzer has grown the business rapidly, expanding its workforce and products/services.

He described the company's success - and growing pains!
"We are about to outgrow our current facility and plan to relocate soon to a larger warehouse. As our customer base grows, we need more space. Presently, we're receiving several shipments per day plus a recycling pick-up. Inventory is moving at what feels like lightening speed some days."
With his business growing and changing that quickly, Yavuzer needed a reliable way to monitor the market and locate new customers and suppliers. He found Tradeloop: NurTech is already an active participant in the trading community with inventory and Broadcast activity. It's been a success, he said:
"Our wholesale department is constantly looking for new business. We use Tradeloop's Broadcast and social networking tools every day."
NurTech specializes in customer service, he continued. Because the company is small, buyers and sellers deal directly with decision makers and employees are very familiar with the market. Yavuzer said the biggest growth is in recycling - an area where NurTech is particularly qualified:
"In 2008, we established our license for electronics recycling. Our 12,000 square foot facility houses our recycling, technical and administrative team. We are an environmentally sound company with dedicated employees, who care about the environment."
Currently, NurTech only handles domestic orders, but hopes to expand into the international market soon. "Tradeloop is our latest tool for acquiring international business," Yavuzer said.

Although the company has built a loyal base of customers in just a few years, Yavuzer said there are always room for more. NurTech customers get more than just an eBay retail store and wholesale outlet, he explained:
"We don't only offer just one facet of technological services. Instead of operating like our competitors with just one specialty, we offer many services under one umbrella: asset management, wholesale, eBay, e-recycling, data destruction, and hard drive shredding.

And we take care of our customers. The goal of a good vendor is that everybody benefits from the transaction."
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