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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bytes Back Data Recovery - Protect Your Valuable Computer Data

With surveys showing that only about 30% of computer users regularly back up their important data, new Tradeloop member, Bytes Back Data Recovery, saw a market opportunity in 2009 - and took it. The Cleveland-based data recovery company offers personal service to consumer, education, corporate, and government clients.

Director of bulk sales, Jason Kiner manages the buying and selling of bulk hard drives, which means he spends a good bit of time on Tradeloop:
"Some of our biggest challenges are meeting new potential buyers and finding product. Tradeloop brings buyers and sellers from around the world together to do business that they normally would not have been able to accomplish."
Although the company is a "small business," Kiner said, there's nothing small about the services it provides:
"With our specialized training, sophisticated technology and dedicated high end recovery equipment, we can get data back from almost any failed media. Our staff is here to make sure your data is safe, explain what happened, and provide backup solutions to avoid it in the future. "
Services provided by Bytes Back Data Recovery include:
  • Expedited recovery options for critical business data.
  • Service and backup contracts to prevent future data loss.
  • Forensic imaging of working hard drives for government & law enforcement authorities.
  • Data retrieval from USB flash drives.
  • Data recovery kits for educational institutions.
  • A retail storefront with diagnostics performed while you wait.
In addition, the company has technicians on staff who answer phone & email questions during regular business hours. In some cases, local pick-up is available. Clients can also ship directly or drop off equipment in person.

All the work is done in-house, Kiner explained, unlike other data recovery services:
"Most data recovery centers are not able to perform all the work themselves, requiring them to send their work to a third party. This adds time, cost, and potential loss or mis-communication about your data. Having all the necessary tools for any data recovery in-house, we are able to save you time, money, and hope to help you relax a little."
Though most clients are walk-in customers needing recovery services, Bytes Back Data Recovery also offers bulk drive services to suppliers and wholesalers.

Kiner said company technicians take their work seriously: they understand the importance of business data and the sentimental value of personal memories stored in the form of photos and videos.
"At Bytes Back Data Recovery we are fast, competitively priced, and most importantly here to give your device the individual attention it deserves. Whether your data is precious memories of your first child, a thesis for your master’s degree, or client files for the last 10 years, your data is more to us than just another number in the books."
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