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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

National Sales Associates: Secure, Eco-Friendly Tape Solutions

National Sales Associates (NSA) was founded in 2003 by an experienced team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in magnetic media and data center services. Since then, the company has grown to 25 employees and provides re-certified/refurbished tape that has been erased, tested, and has a lifetime warranty. NSA promises "a secure solution that benefits everybody, even Mother Nature."

Owner Joe Endyke explained:
"We have a green solution for every tape - it could be a waste-to-energy destruction for very old tape or we can erase and recycle the tape if it has a market. Recycling tape is important: we securely and efficiently handle and recycle tapes to keep the metals and plastics from contaminating our land, air and ground water. "
Of course, backup tapes often contain extremely sensitive corporate data and many companies are concerned about data safety. That's why so many companies turn to NSA, Endyke said:
"We have processed millions of tape without a data breach. Our process is NIST compliant. We will go on-site to erase tapes for secure transport. Once we erase and reformat a tape the data is not retrievable under any circumstances. We make sure the client wants a tape volume erased before we run it on our drives because once we erase it nobody can retrieve the data! We have asked many to try - unsuccessfully."
Finding tape to recycle can be a challenge, Endyke noted, because "there's not a store for used tape I can call." So NSA turned to Tradeloop. A member since 2007, Endyke said he's always looking for Tradeloop members working in that area:
"We buy lots when they come available. We would love more Tradeloop members coming to us with new or used tape buybacks - please call! We do have several Tradeloop partners, but we always want to make connections with more. We seek out customers through Tradeloop, primarily"
Endyke stressed that NSA is committed to building long term relationships with customers and is loyal to its distributor-partners.
"We support the distribution channel. We work with some of the largest and smallest distributors in the world and we honor this supply chain. That makes our customers comfortable putting us in contact with their customers if there is a technical issue to discuss. Once processed we sell our tape through our distributors. Several distributors private label our tape by putting their name on the inserts. United Stationers Innovera Brand is made exclusively by NSA."
Customers also benefit from numerous other services provided by NSA. Tape can be labeled, initialized, and shipped within 24 hours. All tape is tested and carries a lifetime warranty. Other tape services include tape copy, data migration, and destruction. Endyke explained it succinctly: "If it happens on tape, we can supply the service."

He said that NSA
has been successful because it offers a unique service and commitment to customer support:
"We have long experience in the tape business and a long history of supporting distribution. Our customers trust us to support them and supply the best quality product. Our business grows every year."
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