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Friday, July 9, 2010

How Should We Screen & Approve New Tradeloop Members?

As we continue to refine and revise our Tradeloop member validation procedures, we'd like input from community members. What would you like to see in terms of validation of new members and how should we determine qualifications for membership?

Here's a brief description of what we already look for and/or require when a company applies for membership. Note that there are more checkpoints, but we keep them confidential to thwart fraudulent companies.
  • Check their IP address.
  • Verify email address and phone number.
  • Search for public listings and compare the addresses listed there with the information provided to us.
  • Search for public complaints against the company.
If some of the information isn't correct or seems suspicious, then Tradeloop's customer support staff will contact the prospective member and ask for additional information, such as industry references or other documentation.

It's a time-consuming process, but worth the effort to help stop fraud.

We also encourage Tradeloop members to do their own due diligence and visit a member's company profile before agreeing to a deal. The profiles display how long they have been members and it shows a message if they are non-members or if their information has not been verified.

We're always updating and strengthening our anti-fraud procedures at Tradeloop and we'd like member input on this important topic:

What do you think should be required of new members?
  • Bank references
  • Trade references
  • Other documentation to establish identity
Anything else? Tell us what you think here at the member blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We would like to see proof of citizenship of the country they say they live in as well as proof that they are not supplying counterfeit goods.

In order to do this I recommend that they ship goods to a member of the ethics board that is capable of identifying counterfeit goods and communicating with the manufacturers security and brand protection agents. The first step would be to have them go through a phone interrogation to see if they are deemed worth of belonging to a group such as Tradeloop. There are many other trade sites that are perfect for scammers such as, ebay, tradekey, alibaba…one of my personal favs/// I think there might be something called too….lol

During that phone conversation we would like to make sure they are aware of and make them sign a statement to this effect….

I (state your full name) am an officer/owner of (state your company name) fully understand and agree that if myself, my company, agents working for my company or acting on behalf of my company or affiliated business partners are caught selling, trafficking or purchasing counterfeit or non-legitimate goods of any manufacturer that Tradeloop and or its members are required by international law to not only report to security and law enforcement agencies but to assist local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies with any investigations and or sting operations that may arise based on my personal, my employees, my agents or agents acting on behalf of my company, or my companies actions. Furthermore, if the Tradeloop ethics committee finds that my company or agents/employees of my company are found to be acting in ways the ethics committee deems either unethical or to be in criminal fashion, Tradeloop reserves the right to make all other trading sites aware of my actions and intents and to notify the authorities in all countries where the my company has conducted business without the possibility of litigation against Tradeloop for Slander or Libel.

Basically we reserve the right to royally screw your life up if you MESS with us.

How about them cookies.

Be the first site to do this. Others are on the trail already.

Best regards,

Benjamin C. Ingwersen
Vice President
Product Manager, HP
ProLiant / Alpha / StorageWorks
Frontier Computer Corp