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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Better Search Results In Tradeloop's Dealer Directory

We've enhanced the search function for Tradeloop's Dealer Directory to increase the usability and accuracy of search results. Now when you search, the dealer's phone number and email address displays in the results list. Members can now contact each other directly from the search results instead of having to navigate to the company profile to find that information.

In another change, the new search function ignores special characters in company names when displaying results. Previously, if you were searching for "X-Y-Z Company," you had to enter the company name with the dashes. But now, searches on "XYZ" will return results for "X-Y-Z Company" - and any other dealers that match that search term.

The directory also has an advanced search function, that allows you to search by member information, geographic region, and/or company specialty in a single click.

Both search enhancements improve Tradeloop's new Connections system as well; the Dealer Directory is the primary way to find other dealers to connect with. Have you created your own dealer network within Tradeloop yet? Remember that any member with 10 approved Connections by October 1, 2010 is automatically entered to win a new iPad.

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