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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Searchbox Increases Usability at Tradeloop's Web Site

We've updated the search boxes at Tradeloop to make the search function easier to use and understand. The most noticeable change is that the search boxes are more prominent - displayed at the top of the home page, Broadcast page, Trading Floor, Ethics Case list, and other areas. They also offer helpful tips about search terms and keywords.

For instance, here's the Home page search box. It's the same as the Trading Floor search and reminds you that you can search on a number of different options:

The Broadcast search box invites you to enter either the Broadcast Subject or a term found in the body of the Broadcast message, whether it's a generic term like "laptop" or a specific part number.

And we recently added a search function to the posted Ethics cases. Because this is a relatively new feature, we've included some tooltips to help users understand the search function. Just click on the small blue dot with the question mark for an explanation of different search options:

The Tradeloop Dealer Directory also has a new search box with text to remind you that it's possible to search by company name, individual names, phone numbers, and many more keyword combinations.

We encourage you to visit the Tradeloop Web site and try the new search boxes. Do you think they're more useful and easy to understand? Are there some features and options that you think could benefit from additional tooltips? Let us know! Leave your comments and suggestions here at the member blog.

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