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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who's Spamming the Broadcast Lists? And What Should We Do About It?

Last month, a Tradeloop member complained about being spammed after he signed up for the DEC product list. After receiving several Broadcast emails that were not about DEC equipment but had been sent to the DEC list, he contacted Customer Support to complain. Was it a Tradeloop system problem, perhaps?


In fact, we recently implemented a new feature - Broadcast filters - that helps members control the content delivered to their email inboxes. You can set a broadcast filter to monitor Broadcasts and send you just the WTS messages for a particular Compaq part number or the WTB HP messages from Europe or many other combinations of variables. (Learn more about Broadcast filters.)

However, some Tradeloop members prefer to watch the market on a broader basis. Instead of setting a filter to look for particular manufacturer part numbers, they subscribe to entire manufacturer or keyword lists. And unfortunately, they sometimes have to scroll through Broadcasts for totally unrelated products. That's because some Tradeloop members are sending Broadcasts to the wrong lists - whether intentionally or not - and it's a form of spam.

Do you think another member is spamming Broadcast lists? Check the bottom of the Broadcast message for the "Keyword" line. It lists the names of all the Broadcast lists that received the Broadcast. If the sender appears to be sending Broadcast messages to unrelated lists, you can alert Tradeloop to possible list spamming.

We need your input.
  • How should we define Broadcast spam?
  • How should we handle the worst offenders?
  • Is spamming the Broadcast lists a bannable offense?
  • Should we issue warnings and if so, how many and in what format?
Tradeloop members: please share your thoughts and opinions on this important community issue here at the member blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Conceptual Electronics.

Spamming the same lists over and over again for the last month.