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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better Tradeloop Search Results With Fewer Duplicate Parts

We've implemented a new inventory tool at Tradeloop that helps make search results more useful and reliable. When a member uploads an inventory list, we automatically run a check on the file, look for duplicate parts, and delete the duplicates.

This is in response to member complaints about duplicate parts for the same dealer appearing in search results. We check three fields - part number, manufacturer, and condition - to determine if a part is a duplicate of another line item. IF all three match exactly, the line item is considered to be a match and a duplicate.

Note that we're only looking for duplicates in individual files. Other dealers can, of course, display inventory that matches. This new process is just to prevent a user from accidentally duplicating items in his/her inventory list.

Our goal is to make Tradeloop the number one search engine for computer parts by providing results that are comprehensive and relevant. This error-checking function helps both buyers and sellers because it makes search results more reliable and easy to read.

Many Tradeloop system upgrades have come in response to member suggestions. We welcome your comments here at the member blog.

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