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Monday, June 21, 2010

Help the Gulf Coast - Tradeloop Will Match Donations 100%

Would you like to help the organizations and volunteers working to minimize the damage to the Gulf Coast? Make a donation through your Tradeloop account and we'll match it dollar for dollar. Through our matching gift offer, you can double the impact of your contribution.

The need is great. As oil flows into the Gulf of Mexico, wildlife and environmental groups are working feverishly to minimize the damage to coastal areas, fisheries, and local wildlife. That takes money and we invite all Tradeloop members to help with the effort.

The situation is quickly becoming both an economic and environmental disaster. The only way to mitigate the damage to small coastal businesses is to minimize the environmental damage to the Gulf.

Will you help? Yes, BP has pledged over and over to pay all costs - as well they should. But the environment isn't going to wait for the cases to drag through the court system.

Visit this page at the Tradeloop Web site to donate to the Gulf Restoration Network. We'll charge the amount to your Tradeloop account and match your contribution 100%. The Gulf Restoration Network is a coalition of environmental groups and concerned citizens that has worked since 1994 to protect and restore the coastal environment from Texas to Florida. Their challenge has never been greater.

Your donation won't stop the oil from pouring into the Gulf, but it can help lessen the environmental and financial damage that will affect the whole region for months - or even years.

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