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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tradeloop Protects Wholesale Pricing Information and Offers Flexible Marketing Options to Members

When Google crawls through Tradeloop's site, how much information does it find about your company? That's up to you. We let Tradeloop members decide how much of their part and Broadcast information gets indexed.

And, no matter what option you choose, your wholesale prices are always hidden from non-members and end users.

Only Tradeloop members can view parts lists with wholesale prices, and membership is limited to dealers whose company information has been validated by Tradeloop. You have to be logged in to view wholesale prices and dealer contact information. That requirement protects wholesale pricing data because the search engine spiders that index the site can't log in.

But, while you want to keep wholesale prices hidden from the general public, it doesn't make sense to hide retail information from search engines.

That's why we introduced the End User program. You can sell to end users at retail prices without them ever seeing your wholesale prices. Retail part and price information is always available to search engines because it helps bring new retail customers to your company.

You can also decide whether to hide your Broadcast messages from non-members by choosing either the private or public option for Broadcasts. The "Public" option, makes Broadcasts available to search engines and the general public. Keep Broadcasts "Private," and only members see the information. The Public and Private options are on the "Create a Broadcast" page in the "Select a Style" section.

Both the End User program and Broadcast options give you control over how much information is publicly available. However, there are other ways that Tradeloop membership increases your online visibility – and they have nothing to do with pricing.

· Company profile information is indexed by search engines and often appears near the top of Google search results. Learn more about creating a good, search engine-friendly company profile.
· Tradeloop's Trust Seal tells buyers that your company is actively involved in the industry and trustworthy to do business with. When a buyer clicks on the Trust Seal, the information on the certification page is about your company, not Tradeloop.

These features and options help protect the value of the wholesale market and give our members the flexibility they need to offer their products and services to a wide variety of markets and buyers.

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