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Friday, April 17, 2009

Redesigned Header and Navigation Bar Launched at Tradeloop's Web Site

At Tradeloop, the more things change... well... the better it gets.

Our redesigned navigation header is just the latest example. You may have already noticed our header's more modern look and feel, but if not, visit the home page at to check it out. It's faster loading, easier to update, and gives our members quick access to Tradeloop Broadcasts, member information, and other services.

Over the years, we've implemented a number of different site designs as technology and user expectations changed. Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, let's take a walk through Tradeloop history and see how the site has evolved over time.

Our January 1999, looks almost primitive compared to "modern" Web sites:

In this 2000 design, we had moved to tabbed navigation using text links:

In 2001, we were using this more familiar design with "Tradeloop Blue" as the main color:

2007 featured this familiar layout with the tabbed navigation bar at the top:

This isn't a complete retrospective: Tradeloop predates the WayBack machine by several years. We launched the first Web site in 1996 and grew along with the World Wide Web, adding functionality and more sophisticated design as the technology permitted.

Each redesign required many hours of planning, coding, and testing. It's a tribute to our technical staffers that each transition has taken place seamlessly, without site downtime or any inconvenience to Tradeloop members.

In fact, our technical staff is constantly working on new features and services for Tradeloop members, and most of their work is done behind the scenes. Members appreciate the speed and stability of the Tradeloop site, but the time and effort to maintain and enhance the service is out of public view. However, there's nothing more visible - or more important - to an Internet company than the home page.

Stay tuned to the blog for coming announcements of new reports, options, and features that will make your Tradeloop membership an even more valuable business asset.

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