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Monday, December 8, 2008

Three Cheers For Our Technical Staff!

At some point, most Tradeloop members communicate with our Customer Support staff. Maybe it's a quick validation phone call, a short Live Chat session, or even the plesant surprise of having your email answered within minutes. But there's another group of Tradeloop staffers who work just as hard. Led by Brian Sweeney, our technical staff works continuously to upgrade the site, fix bugs, and keep Tradeloop running smoothly.

It's time to give a well-deserved shout-out to the professionals who, over the course of a year, implemented an entirely new database and server system without experiencing any downtime on the live Tradeloop Web site. Tradeloop founder and CEO, Rohi Sukhia, likened the accomplishment to "completely rebuilding a 747 while it's in flight."

Each month, our technical staff designs and implements the upgrades that we announce here on the blog. They also find and fix system bugs and tweak databases to improve performance. Most of their work is behind-the-scenes maintenance that sounds boring, but is really critical to the site's smooth operation. In the past 3 months, the technical staff has completed more than 100 major improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes.

Please join everyone at Tradeloop in a round of applause. Their efficient team effort keeps the site running smoothly - and getting better every month.

1 comment:

Brian Sweeney said...

Thanks everyone!!

Please join me in thanking, Penney Robinson, Anurag Jain, Richard Jeng, Hiu Lam, Timothy Malis, and Evan Lai. All of which work hard to keep Tradeloop running smooth.