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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is That Dealer Really a Tradeloop Member? Here's How to Tell.

Is the company you're negotiating with a Tradeloop member or a registered user?

We changed the layout of the Company Profile page to make it clear who is a Tradeloop member and who is not. Just look for either an "ID Validated" notation and a date (which means the company has been a Tradeloop member since that date) or the "Non Member" designation. It appears directly under the company name.

With over 150,000 companies registered at Tradeloop during the past 12 years, we have one of the most comprehensive directories of wholesale dealers available anywhere. However, "registration" doesn't equal "membership." A registered user can create a profile, and we validate their identity. But only Tradeloop members go through our extensive member validation and verification process.

The Tradeloop community has such an excellent reputation in the industry that Tradeloop membership automatically gives your company more credibility with buyers and sellers. So it's no surprise that some unscrupulous companies have tried to pass themselves off as Tradeloop members.

They would create a Tradeloop profile and tell other dealers that they were "on Tradeloop" or "part of Tradeloop." Perhaps that's not fraudulent, but it's certainly misleading. We did have some cases of outright fraud, where someone claimed to be a Tradeloop member and wasn't.

Be careful about doing business with non-members. Most Ethics Complaints and disputes are between members and non-members. The non-members aren't bound by Tradeloop's Code of Ethics.

Of course, non-member status doesn't automatically make a company dishonest. However, you should spend some extra time on due diligence before making deals with non-members. Those companies haven't been through our member validation process that verifies details about their identity and business.

Our Customer Support staff works hard to keep fraudulent companies out of the Tradeloop community. We remind you to be careful too. Make sure you're dealing with a Tradeloop member, and carefully review the purchase agreement before the transaction is final.

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