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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got Inventory? Uploading Is Easy With Tradeloop's Custom Options

At Tradeloop, we make it easy to upload an unlimited number of items to our parts database. With our custom upload options, you can send us your parts lists or upload the parts list spreadsheet yourself - using your own column order instead of ours. Here's how.

Access your inventory lists by clicking on the "My Inventory" link on the Account tab. You have several upload options to select from:
  1. Manual upload: Click on the "My Inventory" link on the Account tab. You'll be taken to a page that lets you enter your parts one-by-one. Only use this option if you have just a few items to upload!
  2. Tradeloop upload: Having problems uploading? Email your parts list to and include your login name. We'll have it up within 24 hours.
  3. Standard CSV file: Click the "Browse" button on your account home page to upload an Excel CSV file. Learn more at our upload parts help page.
  4. Upload a custom file in your own format: Click on the "Advanced Upload Option" at your account home page. You'll be able to select from three upload options for your Excel parts file. Choose from two standard versions or use the "Custom" option to reorder the part number, manufacturer, quantity, etc. options to match your company's preferred layout.

    The "Custom" option allows you to "drag and drop" the column order to match your preferences.
Remember to include pricing information when you're uploading parts lists. It contributes data to our price history charts, an important market research tool. Even more important, pricing parts can help you increase sales and have better search results position at Tradeloop because buyers are more likely to contact sellers who post their prices. After all, they already know they can afford your products!

Some members are reluctant to price their parts and possibly display wholesale pricing to retail users. That never happens at Tradeloop! End-users can can only access retail prices. Period.

Tradeloop is a wholesale trading community organized to give dealers a safe place to do business, exchange information, and find reliable buyers and sellers in an online market. We protect your pricing and contact information by limiting access to other Tradeloop members only.

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