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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tradeloop Members Line Up To Join Ethics Committee

So many Tradeloop members responded to our announcement of vacancies on the Ethics Committee that we've created a waiting list of members interested in volunteering with the committee. Although we initially planned to fill just the vacancies, member response was so enthusiastic that the Ethics Committee asked us create a waiting list. This help the Committee quickly fill future vacancies and ensure that cases continue to be evaluated in a timely manner.

It's important to keep the list accurate and up-to-date, so we're asking prospective members to make two connections on the Tradeloop site and update their profile with a picture. Note: we encourage all Tradeloop members to do the same.
  • With the Connections system, you can set up your own network of trusted dealers within Tradeloop. Connections also show other dealers a solid reference when they're viewing your profile. Start making Connections with other dealers.

  • Member photos now appear next to their Broadcasts, drawing attention and increasing your credibility with other dealers. A photo puts a face to your name and most of our current Ethics Committee members display their pictures. Upload your picture here.
To encourage diversity, the Ethics Committee has given priority to dealers from outside the United States for the current vacancies. However, any qualified Tradeloop member is welcome to apply for future openings. Requirements include:
  • Your company must have been a Wholesale Member on Tradeloop for over a year.
  • Your company cannot have any posted complaints against it.
  • You must agree to maintain the confidentiality of ethics cases.
  • Your company must pass a review by sitting Ethics Committee Members.
  • Ethics Committee members must vote on all cases within 7 days of posting the Complaint and Response to the Committee. A Committee member will be considered “inactive” if he or she fails to vote on 3 cases over a 12 month period. Inactive members will be asked to step down so a new volunteer will be invited to join the Committee.
The Ethics Committee is a volunteer group that provides an invaluable service to the Tradeloop community. They review the details of complaints, mediate disputes, and always work towards an amicable resolution. When necessary, they make the hard decisions to warn the community about possible fraud or unethical activity and even ban companies from Tradeloop.

Learn more about current Ethics Committee members and review details of posted cases at Tradeloop's Ethics blog.

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