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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Use The Ethics Process - Not Broadcasts - To Resolve Disputes

Last week, we had several incidents where Tradeloop members used the Broadcast system to disparage other members. This is a serious violation of our terms of service, so we want to remind everyone about the procedures in place to help resolve disputes and alert the community to fraud: the Ethics process and Fast Track Fraud Alerts.

Tradeloop's Ethics process is governed by our all-volunteer Ethics committee. They're a group of industry veterans who work with the parties involved in a dispute to help resolve it amicably. When that's not possible, the committee may take actions ranging from issuing a warning to banning a company from Tradeloop.

Members are required to participate in the Ethics process as a condition of their Tradeloop membership. Our committee members and staffers work hard to keep the process fair, transparent, and speedy. Once cases are resolved, members can review the details of posted cases and offer their own comments at the Ethics blog.

Until a case is decided and posted though, we keep the information private to protect the privacy and reputations of those involved. That's why we can't allow members to bypass the Ethics committee and use the Broadcast system to distribute disparaging information: it's not fair to the other company involved.

Fast Track Fraud Alerts are used to quickly warn the community when we get information that someone may be trying to defraud members - such as a case of identity theft. That situation is quite different than a dispute between two members over contract terms or product quality. Members submit Fraud Alert requests, which are reviewed by the Ethics committee before a warning message is sent.

We encourage everyone to use the Fast Track Fraud Alert form if they suspect fraud and to use the Ethics process to get help resolving a business dispute with another dealer.

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