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Monday, April 19, 2010

Non-Tradeloop Member Banned After Ethics Committee Reviewed Two Complaints

Tradeloop's Ethics Committee voted to ban non-Tradeloop member company, Si Tech, after reviewing a pair of complaints filed in March against the company.

In complaint #5068, the complainant alleged that Si Tech provided forged wire transfer documents for a shipment. In complaint #5070, a different complainant alleged that Si Tech misrepresented the condition of a shipment of hard drives and hadn't been responsive to efforts to resolve the issue.

Tradeloop staff and Ethics Committee members tried to help the parties resolve the issues amicably. Everyone involved used the Ethics blog format to present the facts and forcefully defend their positions.

In international diplomacy, the debate would probably be termed a "frank and forthright exchange of ideas." An elementary school teacher might call it a "verbal food fight."

What's your opinion? Both cases have been posted to the community for review and we invite Tradeloop members to visit both case #5068 and case #5070. Click on the Members tab to add your comments.

Do you have experience with this company? Please share your story with others at the Ethics blog.

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