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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Identity Theft Warning - Person Posing as Keystone Memory Group

We issued a Fast Track Fraud Alert to the Tradeloop community after Sherri Sheerr of Keystone Memory Group notified us that someone was using her company name to attempt to purchase printer cartridges on credit.

A person posing as Mike Metelitsa, of Keystone Memory Group is
trying to purchase equipment from people using the employee and
company's name, but bogus email address and phone number.

View the details here:

Case 5072
We urge all Tradeloop members to verify company information when a Tradeloop member contacts you to set up a deal. A few minutes of due diligence can save hours of frustration. For example, this fraud attempt contained two red flags:
  • An inaccurate phone number: The phone number is a toll-free number that is different from the number posted in Keystone's member profile and on the company's Web site.
  • Suspicious email address: The fraudster used an email address hosted at, instead of There's no reason for a Keystone employee to be using an email not associated with the company.
Tradeloop's Fast Track Fraud Alert system allows us to quickly alert the community to fraudulent companies and activities like this one. Use this contact page to alert the Ethics Committee to fraud and request a Fast Track Fraud Alert. Tradeloop and the Ethics Committee will receive your communication immediately, review it, and may post the warning to the community.

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