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Friday, October 30, 2009

Online Data Solutions, Inc.: A "Stocking Dealer" With Worldwide Reach and Small Town Service

Since 1996, Online Data Solutions, Inc. (ODS) has built relationships with a number of trusted partners worldwide. In 2000, the company began focusing on what was once a niche market: fiber channel products. ODS stocks products from Brocade, EMC, McData, NetApp, QLogic, Emulex, Finisar, and HP/CPQ, including SAN/FC switches, optical transceivers, HBAs, and storage equipment. They also offer component level repair on Dialogic, Brooktrout, NMS, Brocade, Emulex, QLogic, and McData boards, blades, HBAs, and switches. Over time, ODS has developed strong relationships with broker, leasing, service, and dealer companies around the globe.

The company is headquartered in New Hampshire and offers same-day shipment to both domestic and international customers. Crystal DeAngelo, Sales & Marketing Director at ODS, described a challenging marketplace where the company's inventory "constantly changes in size and market value." It's vital to have a reliable system of inventory management in order to give customers consistent pricing and delivery date information.
"Often we’re dealing with customers who need things yesterday, so it’s important that we maintain an inventory that’s visible and accessible. Whether it’s blind ship, drop ship, overnight, or pick-up, we’re ready and waiting when they call at ten minutes to 5 with the exact part they need."
Of course, that kind of service requires a steady supply of inventory from reputable suppliers. ODS has reliable sources for inventory, but DeAngelo said that Tradeloop is still a particularly valuable resource for buying and selling:
"Tradeloop is an incredibly helpful tool in this industry. It helps us form business relationships with dealers that we might not otherwise have ever found. We use it most often to broadcast our specials and excess inventory to our fellow dealers. Being backed by Tradeloop and the ASCDI’s ethics departments also gives customers the assurance that we are a reputable organization willing to adhere to a higher standard of practice. In an age of counterfeit parts and 3rd party inundation, it’s always helpful to know which companies you can count on."
Due to the worldwide economic slowdown, many IT departments are dealing with smaller budgets and are looking for ways to cut costs. Many depend on ODS for board repair, DeAngelo said. "ODS has been able to offer a sensible solution for bad and damaged parts. Instead of buying a part at retail price, they can have that part repaired for 1/3 the cost. We offer that affordable alternative in a time when everyone can afford to save some money."

ODS began doing business just as the Internet was changing from a closed, chat-room based tool into a global communication and economic force. Like other successful companies, ODS has adapted – effectively utilizing a Web site, online marketing sites, and other Web-based tools, DeAngelo noted. But still, the basic culture of the company has endured:
"Online Data Solutions has always been a hand-shake operation. Most of the companies that have remained through the years have rightfully evolved to utilize the World Wide Web to their advantage, but still you will find those old-schoolers making phone calls all day, and getting out there and shaking hands. That’s the kind of business relationship you can’t put a price on "
Another reason for the company's success and longevity is it commitment to customer service, DeAngelo stressed. "Over the years we have developed invaluable relationships with companies who know they can depend on us to stock, fairly price, quickly ship, and stand behind the product they need."

When a customer wants it, ODS usually has it in stock. DeAngelo emphasized the company's market presence as a "stocking distributor," not a broker.

"We don’t have to wait for anyone to make a deal. We can pull the product you need right from our shelf and ship it to you today. We are proud to serve as a dealer’s dealer. Whatever your requests, we’re happy to try to meet them on an as-needed basis."
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