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Monday, October 26, 2009

Help Us Redesign Tradeloop's Broadcast System

We're about to redesign Tradeloop's Broadcast System and we'd like your input. We have a number of suggestions from members already, but we'd love to hear more about what Tradeloop members want and need from Broadcasts.

Some suggestions we've already received include:
  • Block User option that will allow you to block users who are spamming the Broadcast lists.
  • Keyword tagging - add any manufacturer name you want to your Broadcast.
  • Allow End Users to post simple WTS/WTB requests. But they still won't be able to access any wholesale pricing or dealer contact information!
  • Larger "Manufacturer" list to make it easier to target Broadcasts and generate more precise WTS/WTB Broadcasts.
  • Option to block specific users from searching a company's inventory list.
  • Ratings system
  • Better lead generation that makes it easier for dealers to sell to End Users.
Our staff members are already at work on some of these, but we'd like to hear more about what you like/dislike about the Broadcast system - and welcome all suggestions for new options and functions!

For instance, one of our most recent additions to the "Send a Broadcast" option was the ability to add a custom signature line to your Broadcast. That very popular change began with a suggestion from a Tradeloop member who wanted the ability to personalize his Broadcast messages.

The Broadcast system is one of the most valuable parts of your Tradeloop membership because it helps you locate dealers who have an immediate need to buy/sell particular products. The Broadcast system upgrade will be a major project through the end of the year, so please send in your suggestions! Contact us by email, phone, Live Chat, or just comment here at the blog.

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