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Friday, October 17, 2008

New IBM Team Member at Frontier Computer Corporation

Frontier Computer Corp, is a distributor/reseller of Enterprise level systems, storage, networking, parts, and upgrades. Based in Traverse City, MI, the company sells equipment from major OEMs including Sun, HP, Cisco, and IBM.

Recently, the IBM group added a new team member, Paul Wieland, and we spoke briefly with him about his new position.

Paul said that he was excited by the opportunity to join Frontier because of the company's efficiency and commitment to service.
"Frontier has done great work building infrastructure and streamlining operations. The company is efficient and customer-centric. It's the best place I've seen in terms of how all departments work together to support customers. It means I can be very effective and focus on customer relationships instead minutiae."
It's also great to be working closely with a team of co-workers again instead of in a solo office, he noted.
"The four of us all buy and sell used IBM computer hardware, but we have named accounts; we aren't competing against each other. It's a nice team approach to business with a lot of support and information transfer."
With 20 years' experience in the computer industry, Paul has seen the technology and market change quite a bit:
"When I started, profit margins were huge – and so was the equipment I sold. A disk drive was the size of a refrigerator and cost $100k. Now, a drive might cost $500. As costs do down, so do profit margins. That's why efficiency is so important."
Paul said that he's enjoyed his career. He's traveled the world and made many friends. "Basically, I've seen it all, and I'm glad to be here at Frontier. It's a great company, and I plan to retire from here. Someday."

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