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Friday, October 10, 2008

Announcing Tradeloop's New Member Blog!

It's been two years since we launched the monthly Tradeloop newsletter. Member response was enthusiastic, because it was a great way to keep up with Ethics cases, learn about other members, and get notification of new member services and options.

We're now building on that success and replacing the monthly newsletter with a Tradeloop news blog. It will have the same great information as the newsletter, but added advantages too:
  • Timely information: You won't have to wait a month to find out about new features and upgrades to the Tradeloop site.
  • Better communication: Members can comment on posts, trade ideas with each other, and easily make suggestions about more improvements they'd like to see.
  • More flexibility: We're constantly working to make Tradeloop an even more valuable service to members, but the newsletter format limited the information we could provide. With a blog format, we can easily put up short posts with breaking news and pass along tips to help you get more out of your membership.
  • Increased member visibility: Has your company been in the news recently? Let us know, because it might make a great blog post. Positive coverage adds to your company's air of professionalism and credibility.
Welcome to the new Tradeloop Blog! We invite you to visit and comment often.

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