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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Always Improving Security At Tradeloop

In addition to our rigorous membership verification procedures for new Tradeloop wholesale members, we've added an additional security step at the sub-account level. Members can create as many sub-accounts as they need, but each sub-account will have to be reviewed/approved by Tradeloop before that user can send Broadcasts.

Some Tradeloop members have contacted us recently because they were concerned about unapproved members sending out Broadcasts. They'd receive a Broadcast, click on the sender's profile, and see a warning that the user had not been approved.

Now, new sub-account users will receive a message telling them that their sub-account is awaiting approval. They'll be able to send Broadcasts as soon as that process is complete. This is part of our commitment to protect the integrity of member accounts. We also require that a company name change or user name changes be reviewed by Tradeloop staff before they're approved - even if it's just to correct a spelling error.

Fraud and identity theft are no laughing matter. They ruin reputations and destroy trust between dealers. At Tradeloop, we'll continue to maintain strict standards that protect individual accounts and the entire trading community.

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