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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Warning Flags on Unvalidated or Incomplete Information on Free Accounts

We've added some warning flags that alert members to free account profiles that contain inaccurate or unverified contact information. Any information we've found to be inaccurate or unverified still displays - but with a strikethough. That's an important clue that you may need to do some more research on the company before completing a deal.

Here's how it looks:
In this case, Mr. Customer either registered for a free account using an invalid email address and phone number or he didn't validate the information in his existing free account when Tradeloop requested it.

This does not affect paying Tradeloop members: all go through a rigorous validation process designed to verify their company information and identity.

It only applies to free account holders who access Tradeloop on a very limited basis. They never have access to wholesale pricing information: that's strictly limited to Tradeloop members with verified accounts.

But we know that Tradeloop members sometimes consider setting up deals with free users. The new information display helps you make an informed decision about whether to complete the transaction. It's part of Tradeloop's continuing commitment to fraud prevention and making Tradeloop a safe place to do business.

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