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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have You Seen This (Former) Tradeloop Member?

Former Tradeloop member company, Express Micro PC, was banned from Tradeloop this month for failure to respond to an Ethics complaint filed against it (case #5067). Can any Tradeloop members help locate this company? You can review the details of this case (and of all posted cases) at Tradeloop's Ethics blog.

In this case, the complainant (non-member company, IT Center) alleged that Express Micro PC received a pre-payment of $4800 but failed to deliver either the product or a refund. In June of last year, IT Center responded to a WTS request on Tradeloop from Express Micro PC and purchased product with no problem. So the buyer felt safe in arranging a second deal several months ago. However, he didn't realize that Tradeloop suspended Express Micro PC's account in December for nonpayment of its Tradeloop membership.

If you have any information about this company or would like to comment on this case, we invite you to visit our Ethics blog. There, you can review the details of all posted cases and make comments.

It's easy. For example, to comment on this particular case:
  • Make sure you're logged into your Tradeloop account.
  • Click on the Posted Violations link under the Ethics tab in the main navigation bar.
  • Select a case you'd like to review. Here is case #5067.
  • Use this tab navigation to review the discussions between the complainant and defendant, the Ethics Committee discussion and comments, member comments, and the voting results.
  • To discuss the case, click on the Members tab. It opens a comment window where you can add your own comments and/or discuss the case with other members.
Note that in this case, the defendant was banned for failure to respond to the complaint, so there was no committee vote. However, other cases often inspire lively discussion between the complainant, defendant, and Ethics Committee members about the issues involved and actions the committee should take.

Tradeloop established the Ethics blog system to increase transparency and understanding about our Code of Ethics and the Ethics process. We encourage all members to review posted cases and comment on them.

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