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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Blue Products: Authorized Remarketing Distributor of HP and Compaq Products

Big Blue Products is a leading supplier and authorized remarketing distributor of HP and Compaq computer parts and equipment to dealers, maintenance companies, large end-users and self-maintainers worldwide. Founded in 1984 by Jeff and Marie Alnwick, the company is based in Huntington Station, New York. With over $25 million of in-stock inventory and a support staff of HP-certified technicians, Big Blue Products offers value, experience, and quality.

With the phrase "Big Blue," in its name, some customers are surprised to learn that Big Blue Products sells HP and Compaq products only – not IBM. Company president, Jeff Alnwick, admits that the name now "is a complete misonmer," although during the 1980's the company did focus on IBM. In fact, the Alnwicks fought IBM in court over the name, winning the right to keep "Big Blue Products" in 1989. "No way we were going to change it after that!" Alnwick says.

"Big" is also an adjective that describes the company's inventory, Alnwick notes. "We have about 250,000 parts in stock with a market price of $25 million." Much of that product carries an HP warranty – generally one year. "If it doesn't have a warranty, it's checked by an HP-trained, Big Blue technician, and then carries our standard 30-day warranty. Our failure rate is just six tenths of one percent."

The significant partnership that Big Blue Products developed with HP and Compaq led Alnwick to obtain numerous HP certifications. Big Blue is one of only 10 "HP Authorized Parts Resellers" in the United States and one of only 3 "HP Authorized Remarketing Distributors." That last designation is the most recent certification – and quite an important one because it opens many new marketing options, explains Alnwick.

"Our ability to sell HP-warrantied parts was the impetus for Big Blue's return to Tradeloop. I'm the only distributor in the US who is authorized by HP to sell HP-warrantied parts or Big Blue warrantied parts. I looked at Tradeloop and saw that Compaq and HP account for about 60% of parts bought and sold, so we're a perfect fit. I can provide parts from my inventory, and the customer knows it's a legitimate purchase in the eyes of HP."

Alnwick also plans to expand his customer base using the Tradeloop End User program. "That has a two-pronged attraction. I can present the same inventory in two different modes in two different marketplaces. We've only sold to resellers before, but the End User program gives us a new marketplace."

Alnwick expects that end users will be particularly interested in HP "Renew" products and systems. These products are refurbished to "like-new" specifications and carry an HP warranty. "They offer a great value to end users because buyers get "like new" quality at a lower price."

This search for value in the marketplace has made Big Blue Products a surprising beneficiary of the struggling economy, notes Alnwick. Customers are demanding more value for their money. "They aren't as interested in buying the latest and greatest products. Now, the focus is on repair or refurbished products that are like new, but have a lower cost."

Taking nothing for granted though, Alnwick says that Big Blue Products will continue to focus on its core business goals:

"Our philosophy has always been to keep product in stock and stand behind it. We ship 75% of orders within 24 hours and only ship from our own warehouse. People know our product is going to work and are willing to pay for quality. We don't even do that much advertising; customers just find us – like a beehive to a bear."

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