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Friday, March 6, 2009

Alert Members to Fraud the "Fast Track" Way

Tradeloop's "Fast Track Fraud Alert System" is designed to help members alert the community to fraudulent dealers. Using this system, we can quickly notify members of possible fraud without sidestepping the Ethics Process.

Here's how the system works:
  1. The Broadcast form contains an option to send a Fast Track Fraud Alert Broadcast. Click on the link and provide the information. Include as much specific information as possible about your concern. That help the Ethics Committee make its decision.
  2. The Broadcast message goes immediately to the Ethics Committee for review.
  3. If the Ethics Committee agrees that there's a possibility of fraud, then Tradeloop will broadcast a message to the membership that the account in question is under review.
  4. The complainant proceeds with filing an Ethics Complaint.
Note that a Fast Track Fraud Alert doesn't go directly to the membership. It's important to have an outside party review the allegation first. That helps ensure due process because the review is designed to weed out frivolous or malicious complaints.

We only use the Fast Track system in cases where fraud is alleged. Fraud involves activities that can lead to criminal prosecution - like using stolen credit cards, selling stolen merchandise, or identity theft. All other complaints - like disputes over shipping charges or payment terms - should be handled through the Ethics Complaint process.

The Fast Track system isn't a substitute for the Ethics process; it's merely a way to quickly alert the membership to possible fraud while the formal Ethics complaint is under evaluation.

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