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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Track Your Tradeloop Sales Leads

Your Tradeloop membership gives you access to a large pool of reputable wholesale buyers and sellers eager to set up deals. In fact, many members report receiving a surge in sales contacts soon after joining the community. We make it easy to track these Tradeloop-generated sales leads. When you receive a query from a fellow Tradeloop member, the email sender name displays as "Tradelooop Leads."

We've made a minor change to the system to make it easier to reply to these queries directly, without having to go through the Tradeloop email system. Although the sender's name appears to be "Tradeloop Leads," the reply-to email address is the actual email address of the sender - not a Tradeloop address.

The email text contains name, address, contact information, and a link to the sender's member profile as well as the questions/comments from the sender.

Now, we know that members do want sales leads, but most emphatically don't want more spam emails. That's why we route the messages through our system instead of just displaying your email address on the site as part of your member profile.

Displaying an email address on a networking site is a huge mistake. It's like issuing an open invitation to email spiders who crawl through sites, harvest email addresses, and send them back to their evil masters. Next thing you know, you're buried in spam emails from phony Nigerian diplomats, fake pharmaceutical offers, and real estate Ponzi schemes.

We upgraded our system five years ago so we could easily handle the extra traffic and route emails through the Tradeloop system. It's part of our commitment to protecting members' privacy and security.

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