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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Solutions – Taking the Guesswork Out of Buying Used Electronics

Richmond, Virginia-based 2nd Solutions was founded in 2005 to help buyers and sellers extend the commercial life of electronic devices by capturing their residual value on the secondary market. It now provides comprehensive IT asset recovery for corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and schools across the United States. The company has 30 employees and 60,000 square feet of office and warehouse space.

Brian Loden is 2nd Solutions' Sales Channel Manager for all products related to computers. That includes desktops, laptops, monitors, hard drives, memory, cables, networking, and telecom equipment, components, and scrap. This gives him a unique perspective on the status of the resale market and helps him explain 2nd Solutions' success.
"There is an obvious trend in the primary market representing the convergence of mobile and computing technology. We see this in smart phones and in tablets. This is great news for our industry because users are upgrading more frequently. Increased demand in the primary market equals an increase in supply on the secondary market. The demand for lower-cost slightly older computers and phones is here to stay."
Loden spends much of his workday trying to meet that demand and has found Tradeloop to be a valuable resource. "Sometimes it's a challenge to have enough inventory to meet the demands of my customers. Tradeloop not only helps me source product for existing customers; it has also allowed me meet some of my best long-term clients."

The customer base of mostly resellers keeps coming back to 2nd Solutions for a very simple reason, explained Loden. "We help them make money." The company views its relationship with customers and suppliers as a partnership that's mutually beneficial. "We offer a 30-day warranty and if there are any issues, our customers know we'll make it right."

That commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products is company-wide. Every device is subject to a thorough diagnostic and testing process by trained professionals and a final quality control check before it's sold, Loden noted. "We take the guesswork out of buying used electronics."

2nd Solutions entered the secondary electronics market at an opportune time and has been successful because it helps customers adapt to new challenges, Loden said.
"It was no accident that we opened for business just as the dynamics surrounding end-of-life cycle technology were changing. With companies starting to seriously deal with technology refresh, the looming issue of environmental impact—coupled with a growing demand by organizations for help in offsetting the cost of next generation purchases—presented a clear window of opportunity for 2nd Solutions."
The company has used that opportunity to become a leader in asset recovery for a very simple reason, he continued.
"2nd Solutions combines experience and knowledge of all facets of global sales trends, with a commitment to superior customer service. We can provide you with the devices you're looking for at fair market prices. Our continued goal is not merely meet your expectations, but to continue to exceed them."

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