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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mosaic Technology: Collaborative, Customer-centered IT Solutions at Affordable Prices

Mosaic Technology supplies IT systems, options and storage solutions to an international group of end users and resellers. The company's sales staff works with customers to evaluate their IT needs and develop affordable custom solutions to meet business goals. Mosaic is headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire and maintains sales offices in New Hampshire and Bellevue, Washington.

Matt Rhoades is the Reseller Ecommerce Marketing Administrator for Mosaic. He assists resellers and sales staff to develop marketing materials, monitor inventory, and "facilitates anything Web related." This constant flow of information gives Rhoades a good feel for the IT industry and state of the marketplace.
"Because of the economy, there's room for a company like ours to grow and expand our customer base. We help IT departments stretch their technology dollars because we can supply both high quality equipment and business and technical expertise. We work with customers to design individual systems that meet their IT needs."
Although Mosaic supplies some new equipment, most of their stock is high quality used and refurbished items – with an emphasis on Sun products. Rhoades notes that Mosaic faces the same problems as other used equipment dealers – finding enough high-quality equipment to meet demand. The company's Tradeloop membership (Mosaic has been a member since 1999) is vital to that effort:
"Tradeloop is perfect for a company like Mosaic. We can Broadcast items instantly and display a controlled, real-time inventory to customers. The Internet lets people find and buy products online within minutes and we have to support that. With Tradeloop, we can monitor the market, pricing, and keep buyers and sellers coming back to Mosaic."
With over 15 years in the IT industry, Mosaic had developed a reputation for quality and integrity, says Rhoades. "We don't put much effort into advertising. Our customers do it for us! Most of our new business is through word of mouth."

These long-term customer relationships help Mosaic in another way too. Over time, many customers have evolved into the dual roles of both customers and suppliers. "When your suppliers are also your customers, a good working relationship is essential," Rhoades explains. "These relationships are built on trust and our business partners know we treat them fairly."

Mosaic's business model couples these business partnerships with value-added services and support. The company maintains its own labs for testing and repair. These labs are staffed by trained, certified technicians. "I have to boast," says Rhoades, "because we have some highly qualified engineers and technicians. They're the best I've ever worked with." He also praises the shipping department – an important but often overlooked part of most organizations. "We've invested time and money into training for international shipments. Whether it's packaging, customs, or tax issues, our shipping department has the expertise."

Rhoades credits Mosaic's success with its collaborative, customer-based approach that studies each customer's requirements, challenges, and technology goals. That approach, together with a commitment to high quality at reasonable prices has served the company well.

"We're lean enough to supply customers with an extremely competitive price, but our infrastructure and products are extremely high-end. At Mosaic, we work with customers to give them the best of both worlds: low price and high quality."
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