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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trading Floor Display Change Benefits Members & End Users

We've made a slight - but important - modification to Tradeloop's Trading Floor display. It prevents non-members from seeing any portion of a dealer-only listing. We made this change to further protect the integrity of the dealer-only area. Also, it was a bit frustrating for end users to see row upon row of search results they couldn't access.

Previously, when an end user or non-member searched on Tradeloop, the dealer name and price was hidden, but the part and description would show. The vast majority of Tradeloop listings are wholesale listings, so those searchers would see this message over and over: "Wholesale Listing - Members Only"

That's frustrating to someone who wants to buy a replacement battery for his laptop, not wade through scores of search results that he can't access anyway. With the change, this same searcher can browse through 43 results on a Trading Floor search for "Toshiba notebook accessories" and every result is for product that's available to end users.

The page also notes that there are an additional 33 dealer only listings that aren't displayed.

When the searcher clicks on the "Dealer-Only listings" link, he's taken to a page that prompts him to log in (because it's information available only to Tradeloop wholesale members) or register for a Free Trial membership at Tradeloop.

This change keeps retail customers from accessing even a little bit of information about wholesale listings and gives them a search results page that's more readable and usable.

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